Advertisers is an online message broadcast service that allows you to send voice messages, text messages and e-mails your group.. Schools, Teams, Leagues, Businesses, Help Desks, Churches and Organizations can reach all their members with one call or a simple text. is simple to use and is the most effective way to reach everyone. We all know how hard it is to reach people with important messages. Not everyone reads their e-mails. It's a hassle to call everyone one-by-one. Harness the power of mobile phone technology. You can record one voice message, or send one text or one e-mail and everyone will get your message within minutes!

We have made simple to use and it's free to start.
No credit cards or commitments required.

Open your free account by entering your name, phone number and your e-mail address and we will send you a secure password you can use to open your free account.

Enter your calling list. You can upload a spreadsheet or have us do it for
you, free of charge.

Call our 800 number and record your message and it will be sent out instantly
to everyone, or type in your text message and it will be sent right away. benefits:
  • Your Caller ID shows up on every call you make
  • If the call isn't answered, we will leave a message. If the line is busy, we'll call it back
  • Three pricing plans to choose from to keep your costs low
  • No hidden fees; no equipment to install or purchase
  • Send your voice broadcast from any phone, any where
  • Create as many sub-groups as you would like; load our Icon to your webpage and
    have your group sign up for the service on their own
  • Each contact can have multiple phone numbers
  • You can record a message now and send it later